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[Consensus Check] Fix the Cross Chain Messaging Bridge on Arbitrum

Background: On Ethereum, Uniswap Labs governance consists of a suite of smart… [...]

Temperature Check: Deploy Uniswap v3 on Scroll

Summary This proposal is created to further support the mission of a… [...]

[Temperature Check] Fix the Cross Chain Messaging Bridge on Arbitrum

Background: On Ethereum, Uniswap Labs governance consists of a suite of smart… [...]

Q4-2022 Risk-Off Measures

On November 22, 2022, Aave had its first meaningful insolvency since the… [...]

[ARC] - Risk Parameter Updates for Aave v2 Ethereum - LT and LTV (2022.12.01)

Simple Summary A proposal to adjust 4 total risk parameters, including Liquidation… [...]

Llama Month 2 Update

Llama Month 2 Update We would like to share our monthly progress… [...]

How do you convert crvCVXETH back to Eth?

How do you convert crvCVXETH back to Eth? 1 post - 1… [...]

Convert crvCVXETH back to Eth

How do you convert crvCVXETH back to Eth? 1 post - 1… [...]

Add back MIM/DAO to the AMM for exiting ibAsset

Hi all! This message is mainly directed to the team. It has… [...]

I’m new here. How many of us cohabitate this space?

What do we want more of, what do we want less of,… [...]

Error calling fillOrder function in 1Inch Limit order protocol

Hi, I’m facing an error :”Error LOP invalid signature” calling fillOrder() function… [...]

[RFC#] 1inch Network DAO operational framework

Title: [RFC#] 1inch Network DAO operational framework Squad: DAOplomats.eth Simple Summary This… [...]

[BIP-XXX] Peace Treaty

Authors: Humpy, Aura, Balancer The last few months have been interesting, to… [...]

Balancer Grants November 2022 Update

Balancer Grants Wave 6 Update (Monthly Update #11) The BAL Grant Program… [...]

Balancer Maxis November 2022 Update

November saw many positive developments for the Balancer ecosystem. During October Balancer… [...]

IIP 169: Purchase MVI from Metaportal

IIP: 169 Title: Purchase MVI from MetaPortal Status: Proposed Authors: @afromac Reviewers:… [...]

October 2022 Rewards Distribution

October 2022 Distribution The October rewards distribution has been posted here. This… [...]

DeFi Pulse Index - October 2022 Rebalance

Hello everyone, We just published the blog post with the new index… [...]

New Grant - Signly [rejected]

Name of Applicant: Signly Contact Address : Wallet Address : 0x35b5b44f4e6f9ea2d657fa0fc5d89dbd9e7d58a9 Grant… [...]

New Grant - Edson Alcala

Name of Applicant: Edson Alcala Contact Address : Wallet Address : 0xaC72F2A552c6055cb94FC18b947DB672218e1d4f… [...]

UMIP 167 - Add ACX as Collateral

This UMIP proposes adding ACX for use as collateral in UMA contracts.… [...]

Lido-on-Ethereum Community Validation Manifesto

In an effort to further facilitate the alignment of Lido contributors, stakers,… [...]

RFP: Ethereum censorability monitor

Turned out there are a lot of good teams (we’re currently at… [...]

Integrate LIDO with Composable's Cross Chain Virtual Machine (XCVM)Centauri and via Neutron

Summary We seek to propose an outline for extending the availability of… [...]

[FIP - 143] Add SDT/FraxBP gauge to the gauge controller

Background & Motivation Continuing the push to incentivize FraxBP pools, this proposal… [...]

Add SDT/FraxBP gauge

(topic deleted by author) 1 post - 1 participant Read full topic [...]

[FIP - 142] Frax Gauges on KyberSwap Elastic Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism

1. Summary: The outcome of this proposal is to make a FRAX… [...]

Governance Security

It appears that governance security will continue to become exponentially an important… [...]

ZRX Treasury Impact Due to FTX

Hi everyone, given what has happened at FTX, does anyone have insight… [...]

Treasury Tokens

Why is the 0x Treasury ~70% comprised of Matic and not 100%… [...]

Compound V3 USDC Market: Risk Parameter Updates 2022-12-01

Simple Summary A proposal to adjust one (1) risk parameter for one… [...]

Increase ETH Supply Cap in USDC Comet Market

Simple Summary Increase the supply cap of ETH on the USDC Comet… [...]

Compound Developer Community Call – November 30th, 9:30am PT

On November 30th, at 9:30am PT, the Compound community will hold its… [...]

Update sETH / sUSD Curve Pool Parameters - Atomic Swaps

Summary: This proposal requests the following changes in parameters: Updating the A… [...]

Add Login with Unstoppable as a connect wallet option

Summary: A proposal to add Unstoppable Domains as a connect wallet option.… [...]

Add the bLUSD / LUSD-3CRV pool to the gauge controller [Updated]

This proposal was first posted on Oct 23; this is a revised… [...]

#SDGP 11- Removing BlackPool Liquid Locker from the SDT Gauge

Summary : This proposal aims to rule out BlackPool Liquid Locker from… [...]

Whitelist Threshold Network to lock SDT

Project Presentation Protocol Name: Threshold Network Gitbook: threshold-network · GitHub Twitter:… [...]

Stake DAO <> Grindery

Hi folks, I’ve been reading into your Liquid Lockers project, and it’s… [...]

Proposal: Fee Distribution Parameter Vote Relaunch - Fee Split

Background A 2nd-gen tokenomics strategy was designed and implemented in 2022, with… [...]

Community Governance Process

Governance Process Post the proposal The proposer needs to post the proposal… [...]

Perpvangelist Funding Proposal

Updates The temp check has passed: Snapshot The discussion period will be… [...]

CB Recruitment - Jared Grey

Also worth mentioning there isn’t a YOU GET NOTHING option listed in… [...]

CB Recruitment - Jared Grey

What an odd world we live in asking for 100k+ for knowing… [...]

Sushinomics a New Era

awesome updates. Here is something additional to consider. Give xSUSHI stakers who… [...]

PSP-IPΔX: Implementing Mimic Smart Vaults for Fee Collection and Conversion

PSP-IPΔX: Implementing Mimic Smart Vaults for Fee Collection and Conversion Keywords PSP… [...]

PSP-IPΔ22 - PSP 2.0 - Revised Voting Edition

PSP 2.0 - Revised Voting Edition Following the changes proposed by the… [...]

PSP-IPΔ21: Rectifying Pool 10 & 4 yield ahead of PSP 2.0

Keywords PSP Staking, PSP Emissions, PSP Security Simple Summary [Original Proposal Link]… [...]

Overview of the Lending & Yield Swap Landscape

Key KPIs: Deposits vs. Withdraws, Borrowers, Borrowing Volume, Market Shares

Overview of the Liquidity & Asset Management Landscape

Key KPIs: Total AuM, Effective Liquidity, Deposits vs. Withdraws, Market Share

Overview of the Derivatives Landscape

Key KPIs: Trade Volume, Users, Deposits vs. Withdraws, Market Share

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