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Frequently Asked Questions

The DeFi ecosystem is growing incredibly fast. DeFi Reporting covers all important updates but no noise and gives you an edge compared to other investors.

Which DeFi Projects are Featured?

We start with the top 20 DeFi projects on Ethereum and will extend to the top 100 as soon as possible. We’ll also provide coverage on other blockchain ecosystems with serious traction.

Can you contribute?

Yes! We’ll be automating uploads from trusted DeFi partners, then we’ll be releasing a quality app and ultimately we build a community of quality DeFi investors, contributors & evaluators. There is a lot to do on all fronts from development to marketing and analytics. What are you waiting for? Join us!

Can we fast track our DeFi project?

If there is outstanding demand for a DeFi project from our existing users, we will make it a priority. We expect all quality projects to be onboarded very quickly.

How To Get Started?

Sign up to the newsletter or send us a message and don’t forget to check the page every now and then.

Will there be more Features in the Future?

Yes, we will add more KPIs, align reporting of projects and will enable detailed search. The ultimate goal is to provide 24/7 DeFi auditing and reporting – especially cashflow & security analyses – taking on a key information/auditing role in DeFi.

Why is my DeFi Project not yet listed?

We have a clearly defined process for adding projects based on a ranking consisting of marketcap, FDV, revenues, AUM & users and will ultimately cover all serious projects. Get in touch 🙂

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– Julian R. M. Richter