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High yields, 24/7 financial reporting and regular updates from the leading DeFi projects make investing in DeFi easier than in traditional finance.

Defi Project Analysis

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Regular Updates

We collect summaries of DeFi project forums, notes of community calls, as well as financial statements and KPIs.

Data Management

We collect data directly from top DeFi projects, Coingecko & Tokenterminal. Soon anyone can contribute.

Community Management

Our solution enables investors and projects to communicate more frequently and come together in the ownership economy.

Analyze Financial Data

DeFi projects innovate and develop at an incredible pace. All DeFi projects have unique token economics and  different stakeholders receive different rights and rewards similar to Class A & B shareholders. It is important to understand the liquid balance sheet as well as current and future cashflows in ecosystems to know where value is accruing. Passive holders are usually diluted while active participants benefit from token issuance & revenues.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Investors

The Web 3 token economy is fundamentally different from information & platform economies in Web 1 and Web 2. Users exchange values on the Web without depending on platforms or third-party payment providers. A core part of Web 3 is distributed ownership and DeFi: A permissionless, open & composable financial system with tokens as central coordination mechanism. With the right token economics projects can incentivize all stakeholders to contribute and grow the ecosystem. Token holders own, govern and influence projects. We faciliate essential information flows among core project contributors and investors.

Investing in DeFi Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We share DeFi project notes, updates & financial reports with you today to help you frontrun other investors. In the near future, we will include more sophisticated insights, data, protocol reveneus, buy and sell pressure & upcoming changes.

"Revenue-generating DeFi protocols should be attractive to all investors due to full transparency, predictable returns & upside."

– Julian R. M. Richter